Marine Products & Services

We provide the following marine inspection and certification services:

  • Transport to and from the dock
  • Onboard inspection of firefighting and breathing air equipment
  • Air purity testing at an independent US laboratory
  • Full support for our services at our land-based service shop located strategically relative to the local ports.

Recognised specialist and service provider for the following industry leaders:

Key Benefits

As the local industry leader Survival Systems stays ahead of it competition through the following

  • Responsive
    You will always get a timely response to your enquiry even if the answer is to say that we are unable to offer
  • Solutions
    In the event that we cannot offer a service in-house we can either recommend you to another company, or offer to manage another company with the required skills and competencies
  • Support
    We leverage on the use of communication technology to ensure that the full strength of the organization is available to the onboard Inspectors and technical staff
  • Seamless
    Our shore based facility provides us with a seamless, one stop shop approach to jobs that require equipment to be taken off the vessel for statutory testing and certification
  • Committed
    We are committed to producing results not applying effort only, and our marine service crews are well trained and can be expanded to accommodate service to multiple vessels at the same time
  • Informed
    Our crews are supported by laptops loaded with the required IMO and/or Flag information
  • Documentation
    We pride ourselves on producing comprehensive Inspection Reports and Certificates that contain the information you require
  • Communication
    We pay attention to top class communication in the following areas:
    • Between ourselves and the Vessel’s Agent and Ship’s Managers
    • Between our office and land based support staff and the onboard crew
    • Between ourselves and the vessel’s Captain or assigned officer
    • Between ourselves and the classing agency we represent
  • Reliable
    We do what we say we will do
  • Knowledge
    We believe that everything we do creates knowledge and the acquisition and application of knowledge is one of the key areas where we continuously improve ourselves and where we stay ahead of the local industry.
  • World Class
    We intend to be the best, not only at a local level but must compare with the best available worldwide