Supe 002


HSEQ Coordinator




Manager – Operations (Core Services)





The incumbent is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the OHSE Management System and enforcement of HSE Standards. S/He is required to identify risk and required controls; advise management on any HSE Matters and to develop and implement programs to ensure a safe work environment and safe working behaviours.
HSE Functions

  1. Works with consultant to implement STOW HSE Management System.
  2. Ensures that the company is in compliance with the requirements of the Trinidad & Tobago Occupational Safety and Health Act.
  3. Develops and implements
    • Risk Assessment and Management System
    • Accident Reporting and Investigation procedure/system
    • Near Miss Reporting System
    • Emergency Plan for company
    • HSE Training Matrix for company service personnel
    • HSE Management Plans for projects
  4. Distributes PPE to personnel.
  5. Organises HSE related training at approved training organizations.
  6. Maintains a database of HSE related training and expiry dates for service personnel.
  7. Maintains and distributes HSE Statistics internally and to customers.
  8. Develops an HSE culture within the organization with Management’s support.
  9. Develops and maintains a database with all relevant up to date HSE Management information for purposes of customer pre-qualification.
  10. Assists in any HSE related customer audits.
  11. Internally audits company departments to ensure compliance with the HSE Management System.
  12. Conducts inspections of company equipment for fitness of use.
  13. Visits customer sites to ensure SSL personnel are complying with both company and client HSE requirements.
  14. Liaises with customers on all HSE related issues.
  15. Promotes continuous improvement of HSE Management System.

Quality Functions

  1. Internal audits all departments to ensure compliance with the Quality Management System
  2. Performs Document Control through:
    • Maintenance of company quality Manual
    • Ensure that only approved documents are used
    • Distribution of revisions of all Quality Management related documents and forms
    • Distribution of Quality Management documents or forms required by company personnel or customers
    • Proper filling of all Quality Management documentation for ease of access and in accordance with Quality Management System requirements
  3. Maintains a database for the following:
    • Customer Complaints
    • Non-Conformance
    • Corrective Action
    • Preventative Action
  4. Ensures that the following are distributed to the relevant company personnel and are actioned/closed out accordingly:
    • Customer Complaints
    • Non-Conformance
    • Corrective Action
    • Preventative Action
  5. Provides required Quality information and documentation required for customer pre-qualifications.
  6. Liaises with customers on Quality issues.
  7. Assists project team with any Quality Management information and documentation required such as but not limited to the below
    • Inspection and Test Plans
    • Quality Plans
  8. Maintains a database for calibration of equipment and notification to the relevant department on recertification of equipment.
  9. Maintains equipment maintenance records.
  10. Ensures the proper quarantining of Non-conforming equipment
  11. Promotes continuous improvement of the Quality Management System
  12. Maintains compliance with company specific policies, procedures and controls.
  13. Performs other related duties as may be required.
    • Decision Making Skills:  Ability to take swift and sound decisions in case of emergencies in order to assure that the safety of personnel is not jeopardized.
    • Observation: Ability to see things at a distance and at a close range.
  • Attention to Safety: Ability to adhere to all workplace and trade safety laws, regulations, standards, and practices.
    • Integrity: Ability to exercise a sense of integrity and to control ones’ emotions especially aggressive behavior.
  • Technical: Ability to quickly adjust a vehicle to exact positions when required
  • Customer Service: Demonstrated ability to provide excellent customer service.

                                 Proven ability that they can be reliable and responsible.

  • Communication: Proven ability to effectively convey information both orally and in writing even of a highly technical nature.
  • Ability to read schematics and follow written direction while working under minor supervision
  • Time Management: Proven ability to plan and organize daily work schedules.
  • Goals and Standards Setting: Ability to determine activities and projects toward measurable goals and standards, setting these in collaboration with others so as to arrive at a clear understanding and elicit commitment.
  • Listening and Organising: Ability  to identify and test inferences and assumptions, overcoming barriers to effective listening, summarising and reorganising a message for recall, and withholding judgment that can bias responses to a message.
  • Evaluating Employees and Performance: Ability to undertake without bias and hesitation a constructive performance evaluation involving joint assessment of past performance and agreement on future expectations.
  • Minimum of two (2) years’ experience in a similar role in a documented environment.
  • Training as evidenced by a General Certificate in OSH or NEBOSH and Quality Management inclusive of Internal Auditing.
  • PLEA Passport.
  • Past experience in OSHE and develop and implementation of management systems.
  • Training in TBOSIET and Project Management will be an asset.
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Suite.